Do You Know What an Independent Business Really Is?

PLEASE READ! Do you know what an “independent” business really is? For starters, *Local Doesn’t = Independent* - they’re not interchangeable! Independent means:

• The majority of the business’ ownership is private, not publicly traded 

• The business is registered only in its home state, and has no affiliation with an out of state headquarters or corporate office. *In the case of a Keep Saint Petersburg Local member, it means it is a business in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, with no corporate headquarters outside Pinellas County*

• The business relies solely on its unique name and reputation (i.e, it does not “wear” a regionally or nationally recognized brand name)

• The business makes independent decisions regarding its name signage, brand, appearance, purchasing, practices, hiring, distribution, etc. 

• The business is solely responsible for paying its own rent, marketing, and other business expenses - without assistance from a corporate headquarters

Here’s what an independent business is NOT:

• A franchise

• An “independent distributor” - just because independent may form part of their title, a representative/distributor/ambassador of a multi-level-marketing/network marketing/direct sales company (some examples: Arbonne, doTerra, LuLaRoe, Mary Kay, Origami Owl, Rodan + Fields, Scentsy, Stella & Dot) is NOT an independent business - they are a representative/distributor/ambassador of a national/international company that has its corporate headquarters outside our area

Our Independent Business Alliance ONLY has locally-owned, independent businesses as members. We do NOT have franchises nor independent distributors represented in our membership/at our events. We’re not saying you shouldn’t support these businesses; we ask that you Think *Independent* First and want to clarify what an independent business truly is! Franchises and nationally-based companies have an advantage over indies (purchasing power, brand recognition/marketing, etc.). 

We’re working on behalf of independent businesses because 1) they can only rely on themselves/they don’t get help from a corporate headquarters and 2) their uniqueness contributes to the awesomeness of our city.

Thanks for reading. We felt it important for you to know who we represent. #KeepStPeteLocal #KSPL

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