Actor Ronny Cox in Concert!

January 25, 2014 6 pm – 11 :59 pm

Hideaway Cafe - 1756 Central Avenue


Ronny Cox is an artist who wears a variety of hats –– from actor to musician to family man –– but if there is one common thread that pulls it all together it’s the “real” person that wears each hat and the warmth his craft brings to anyone exposed to his many talents. His musical style is eclectic and he confesses that he has no set-in-stone criteria for picking or writing songs. With a career that spans over a hundred and twenty-five films and television shows, Ronny Cox is often ironically identified with the villains he has played in movies like TOTAL RECALL, ROBOCOP and the ruthless politician in the hit science fiction TV series STARGATE. Ronny's first film… his first time acting in front of a camera was as the guitarist in the famous "dueling banjos" scene in DELIVERANCE. His second big film was BOUND FOR GLORY, Hal Ashby’s film about Woody Guthrie. The truth is that Ronny has been writing songs and telling stories for over four decades. Only in the last 10 years has the world seen him evolve from being an “actor who sings” into knowing him as a “singer who happens to have a pretty fair career acting.” Come catch Ronny at the Hideaway Cafe this Saturday! Doors open at 6. Show starts at 8.

Hosted By: Hideaway Cafe

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