Breathwork Healing Ceremony

October 18, 2019 6 :30 pm – 7 :30 pm

Bodhi Basics, 240 MLK Jr. Street N


Breathwork is a healing modality that has been used by humans for thousands of years to access non-ordinary states of consciousness, experience deep emotional, physical and energetic healing and receive guidance from the spiritual realms. During a Breathwork Healing Ceremony, you will be held in a safe space as you use the breath to open your energy centers and enter an expanded state of consciousness. You will move through areas that feel "stuck" or "blocked", connect to spiritual guidance and your innermost Self, raise your vibration, let go of what no longer serves you and expand your awareness. Essential oils, music, sage and palo santo are used to enhance the experience. Christina Echevarria of Stellar Shift- breathworker and intuitive coach- facilitates sessions using a simple two-part pranayama technique as taught by her teacher David Elliott. Through the breath, you will experience your body’s own healing intelligence and feel a movement of energy in the form of vibration and other bodily sensations. Through the breathing one may clear emotional and energetic blockages, soothe stress, feel joy and bliss, experience love and connection, open the heart, receive guidance, activate intuition, connect to Spirit, awaken creativity...and so much more. Every experience with the breath may be different, and every experience is exactly what is needed in that moment for healing and wholeness. Ceremony is limited to 12 participants. Please pre-register to save your spot! Please bring a yoga mat and blanket for comfort. Optional items include an eye mask, water, journal and pen. Tickets available at :

Hosted By: Bodhi Basics

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