Couples Afternoon Workshop: A Thai Massage Experience

September 22, 2018 2 :30 pm – 5 :30 pm

The Body Electric Yoga Company


Date: Saturday, September 22 Time: 2:30-5:30pm Cost: $180 per couple Receive better touch from the person who touches you the most. Thai massage is a casual and accessible form of bodywork whose cultural heritage is native to Thailand. What makes this form unique and perfect for everyday couples is that you don't need fancy equipment to work in the most efficient way - just a calm mind, an open heart, and a willingness to be moved by what you feel and sense. In this workshop, you will... Receive expert guidance in a safe, open, intimate environment. Learn to listen with your hands - through felt sensations. Practice communicating your needs with kindness and respect. Receive the gift of compassionate touch by feeling safe enough to let down overprotective barriers. Become acquainted with approachable touch techniques you can carry out while giving your partner your full attention. And most importantly, spend time with your loved one in the spirit of kindness and playfulness! Rissa is a licensed massage therapist (MA67263) and certified yoga teacher who specializes in traditional Thai massage. She has been leading couples massage instruction for 5 years. Space is limited to 16 participants (8 pairs). Be sure to wear comfortable clothing in which you can stretch and move around easily. **No yoga mat needed! One registration per pair (only one person registers). For more information about Rissa and her Thai massage practice, visit: or Moving Meditations.

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