Foam rolling & stretch workshop

November 5, 1916

Custom Movement Fitness, 3641 Tryone Blvd North, St Petersburg, Fl


During this workshop you will learn how to treat those aches and pains. You will learn how to use a foam roller without injury and how to stretch properly. Foam rolling is the most popular form of self-myofascial release, which is the type of myofascial release that is performed by the individual on themselves rather than by a practitioner. Self-myofascial release is probably better termed “tool-assisted self-manual therapy” because of current uncertainty regarding its mechanisms of action.1 Self-myofascial release causes an increase in short-term flexibility that lasts for >10 minutes but does not affect athletic performance acutely. Self-myofascial release may also be able to increase flexibility long-term, in programs of >2 weeks. Cost: $5

Hosted By: Custom Movement Fitness

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