Living with Loss Circle

November 18, 2018 11 am – 12 pm

Intent Space, 327 11th Avenue N, St Pete


No matter how much time passes, losing a loved one forever changes us. To aid our healing, we need love and support from our community. We need to express ourselves, not just during the first few weeks, but throughout this ongoing journey, as we redefine who we are and what life now means to us. Join us in a safe compassionate circle to discuss our experiences in living with loss and how we can honor our feelings and challenges while still having a full complete life. Let’s rediscover our wholeness, together. Exchange: $16 Organizer: Jess + Nik, a life and health coaching business, which is the loving and creative outcome of two sisters bonding through the loss of our father to cancer. More info + registration:

Hosted By: Jess + Nik, Life and Health Coaching

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