Meditation in Motion: Qi Gong

January 19, 2019 6 pm – 7 :30 pm

The Body Electric Yoga Company


Join Shahar for a joyful and peaceful practice of Qi Gong to celebrate the ultimate connection between humans and nature. To release energy blockages of the body, we begin with the Qi Gong practice of the Eight Piece Brocade as taught by Master Lama Nicholas Packard. Each simple yet powerful set of movements integrates meditation, breath, and connection to every element of the earth: ● Fire element guides us to manifest our physical and spiritual goals. ● Water element teaches us empathy, connection, and love. ● Earth element brings stability, discipline, and a calm mind. ● Air element shows us true creativity and spiritual freedom. Bring balance to your world by invoking these elements through your body and spirit. We will close the practice with a guided sound healing meditation to both connect to the heavens and root into the earth. Cost: By Donation

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