Sound of Breath

June 1, 2019 5 :30 pm – 7 :30 pm

The Body Electric Yoga Company


Date: Saturday, June 1 Time: 5:30-7:30pm Cost: $44 Immerse your senses in a vibrational journey of Breath and Sound. Breathwork is a powerful and potent practice of continuous active breathing which may create an intense emotional experience, while the sound is well known for its effectiveness in soothing the mind and body through melodic and physical vibrations. Take a break from asana and spend a few hours blissing out. Join Dani Mae for an evening of breathwork paired with grounding vibrations of drums and gongs with Travis Lacey. Experience what transformation feels like when we invest the time it takes to tap into our subtler energetic bodies. To learn more about Dani Mae, visit

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