Thai Bodywork Workshop

February 3, 2019 2 pm – 4 pm

The Body Electric Yoga Company


Healing touch is not reserved only for those trained in the healing arts; it is innate within us all. Thai massage allows us to tap into that healing life-force energy. It is a movement in consciousness and a divine dance that invites us to cultivate a sense of reverence for our bodies. When we see touch as a powerful way of communicating without words, we can activate the spirit of healing energy within us, allowing touch to become a sacred healing act. Join Andre and Jamie for an afternoon of touch as a love language. Learn an entire Thai Massage sequence that you can take home and use with your partner, family or friends whenever you’re looking for some balance. Half the class you will be receiving, the other half you will be giving to the same partner. Feel free to bring a partner or find a partner here. No prerequisites, just an open heart and joyful spirit. Jamie Hardy is a certified personal trainer through NASM, offering holistic personal training and health coaching. Jamie is also a a yoga teacher that specializes in Thai Yoga therapy and Aromatherapy and is passionate about teaching others how to tap into the healing power within. Andre is a founder of Acro Yoga Tampa Bay & Beyond, Certified Acro Revolution teacher & 500 RYT. He's all about Yoga & Acrobatics. "Less talk, more ACRO!" Andre can teach you handstands, yoga and acrobatics, but no matter what he teaches he’ll hypnotize you with his sweet voice! Cost: $60 per couple/$35 per person Sign Up:

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