Tri Brain Workshop: Alignment of the Body + Mind

October 6, 2018 2 pm – 4 :30 pm

3015 7th Street No, St. Petersburg, FL 33704


Date: Saturday, October 6 Time: 2:00-4:30pm Cost: $30 Science Meets Yoga with a blending of neuroscience and ancient wisdom of yoga. You have three brains. Tri Brain Yoga® is designed to deliver an experience that will change the way you think about your brain, heart, and intuitive intelligences. This workshop of discovery offers an innovative blend of recent neuroscience discoveries and the ancient wisdom of yoga. Elizabeth Markie makes the science simple to understand and easy to integrate into your daily life. You will learn how your brain functions, how your heart communicates, and how your intuition guides you. You will learn how to integrate your three brains to make better decisions, enhance your relationships and improve your well-being. The afternoon will consist of two and a half hours introducing the most recent neuroscience regarding our three brains: head, heart and gut. A ninety minute yoga flow led by Katelyn Grady follows, including live music/sound healing by Alexis Holland, to demonstrate the role of yoga as a tool to integrate and align the three brains. Individuals and yoga instructors alike will benefit from expanding their practice to include this powerful knowledge. Learn more at

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