Women's Self Defense Training

August 4, 2018 10 am – 12 pm

The Body Electric Yoga Company, 3015 7th Street No, St. Petersburg, FL 33704


Date: Saturday, August 4 Time: 10am-12pm Cost: Free Warrior Sisters provides verbal and physical self-defense training by women, for women. From physical defense to verbal boundary skills, participants will practice practical, empowerment-based self-defense skills in a fun, low-pressure environment. Warrior Sisters believe that no one deserves, invites, or "asks" to be assaulted regardless of their personal choices, clothing choice, sexual history, or any other factor. We reject the victim-blaming idea that anyone asks or deserves to be assaulted, or that their actions or inactions make them responsible for an assault. We believe that any choice someone makes in a self defense situation is a valid choice. Whether a person chooses not to defend herself or is rendered incapable of acting in her own defense, an assault is never her fault. We do not pass judgement on our participants for their actions or inactions. The only person at fault for an assault is the perpetrator. We believe that training should be available to women regardless of their economic status which is why our services are FREE to the public. We gladly accept donations and have shirts and stickers for sale to benefit our nonprofit. Warrior Sisters began in 2014, with the mission of providing practical, women-centered self-defense training to women free of cost. Since then, WS has spread to Tulsa and NYC in addition to our flagship chapter in Eugene, Oregon, and we trained in a total of thirteen cities in 2017. Find out more about us at our website Warrior-Sisters.org

Hosted By: info@thebodyelectricyoga.com

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