Bear Creek Custom Timber

6511 3rd Ave South, 33707 (View Map)

(727) 744-9080

Urban Timber Cutting Board with some Exotic Highlights Locally Harvested Eucalyptus Bench with 160 Year Old Florida Barn Beam Legs A Sample of Some of our Locally Harvested and Milled Timber
Bear Creek Custom Timber LLC is dedicated to creating amazing and exceptional furniture utilizing the most beautiful material available; the countless fallen and cut trees from right here in our own community.

These amazing trees have one thing in common-upon removal they are often destined for the landfill, incinerator, or mulch pile.

These trees deserve a second life and our purpose is to make that a reality, one tree at a time.

We offer an assortment of products, ranging from custom designed live edge slab furniture to unique home decor items

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