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Authentic St. Petersburg Green Bench. This full size wood bench is great as an outdoor bench and indoor bench. Tabletop Authentic St. Petersburg Green Bench (1:4 Scale). This wood bench model is great for display on a table, shelf, or desk. Carlos, the Chihuahua, sitting next to a Tabletop Green Bench model, on top of a full size Green Bench.
Bench City emerged from a born and raised Burgian’ and the passion for his city, St. Petersburg, Florida. Bench City brings you authentic St. Petersburg Green Benches, made right here in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Here at Bench City, we seek to restore the image of the Green Benches. The benches were once an icon during significant times of St. Petersburg’s early development. They symbolized a sense of community. Currently, the city is experiencing another period of growth, and what better way to support this than bringing back the Green Benches that once represented what the city had to offer, and currently offers. From the ever-expanding downtown skyline, the wall murals from an extensive arts community, the unique architecture, and the local shops and businesses, to the beaches, the parks, the front yards, and backyards, the “Sunshine City” and all of its beauty, can all be experienced from the comfort of a historical seat.

Our goal with Bench City Green Benches is to offer a glimpse into the past, and to experience what helped make St. Petersburg a great destination, both to visit and reside. With attention to detail as much as possible, we have used extensive research for authenticity, along with our slight modern touches to add style and durability. We wood resistant to shrinking and swelling, and reference blueprints from the city to maintain the contour shape and overall dimensions. We conceal all of the bench fasteners to give a clean, modern look. We cover the bench in a blanket of green exterior paint color for durability. We engrave the lettering on the front of the bench before finishing with silver exterior paint color in the engraved area, further adding to the bench’s durability. This further adds to the bench’s durability. Bench City Green Benches look great anywhere, and are sure to stir up great conversations between strangers, friends, and family.

In addition to authentic St. Petersburg Green Benches, Bench City offers custom benches, whether full size or tabletop models (1:4 scale). We offer custom features such as engraved lettering and case, font, paint scheme, and branding, to any customer's liking. Free local delivery of any full size bench to residences and businesses in St. Petersburg, Florida and greater Pinellas County, Florida. Free ground shipping for tabletop models.

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We want to bring St. Petersburg’s diverse population and the city’s visitors together.

Have a Seat, St. Pete.

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