Gadget Girl - Technology Tutor & IT Service Provider

100 4th Ave South, 33701 (View Map)

(727) 773-6811

Cheryl, founder Best of the BURG
Gadget Girl: Female, Veteran Owned company provides "Technology Tutoring & IT Services for Individuals & Small Business".

Tutoring Services: Computer (Mac/PC), Smartphone (Apple/Android), Tablet, Kindle, Smartwatch, Software, & Social Media Tutoring.

IT Services: Computer/Printer setup & Trouble Shooting, Home Smartlight Setup, Software Installation, Device, Software, Email User/Password Unlock & Reset, Computer/Smartphone Buying Assistance.

"Veteran, Babyboomer & Senior Discounts"

*Founder is a recently retired Air Force Intelligence Officer. Company supports the hiring of veterans and spouses of veterans*

St. Petersburg Chamber Member
Facebook: Gadget Girl Tech Tutor Profile URL

Service Providers, Cell Phone Repair/Service, Classes/Workshops (non-fitness), Computer Repair, Software/Technology, Shopping, Cell Phones

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