Raising Spirits

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Created and based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Raising Spirits is a hospitality-focused company and brand that specializes in assisting and promoting local businesses and charitable initiatives to help its community thrive. Raising Spirits accomplishes this through innovated ideas, industry experience, and a variety of strategic business partnerships.

Raising Sprits' team is well versed in hospitality management, promotions, marketing, and event production. It relies upon this experience to accomplish its mission. Whether it be through hosting boutique events or finding business opportunities for its partners, Raising Spirits is devoted to helping its community prosper and have fun.

In addition to operating multiple food & beverage properties in St. Petersburg, below is a list of services that Raising Spirits is proud to provide:

EVENT PRODUCTION SERVICES: Venue selection, Promotions, Production, Management, Coordination, Consulting, Special Events

MARKETING: Lifestyle, Web, Print, Email Blasts, Mobile, Social Media, Blog, Branding, Strategy, Graphic and Logo design, Online Ecommerce Store, Website Design

CONSULTING: Overall Event, Profile Events, Security, Sound & Lighting, Hospitality Management

MEDIA: Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Visual

FORMATION/LICENSURE: Corporate Formation, Licensing, Intellectual Property Protection, JV Opportunities

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Artists & Craftsmen, Musicians, Photography, Arts & Culture, Music Venues, Eating & Drinking, Bars/Wine Bars, Craft Breweries, Live Music Venues, Service Providers, Event Planning/Event Space, Web Design

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