Faux Moccs

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Faux Moccs brings you vegan moccasins for tiny toes and apparel for all ages. Each item is made with love for all life in mind. Our moccasins provide protection for your child's feet while allowing them to grow and develop without the hindrance of modern, hard soled shoes and harmful chemicals. Our materials are not only vegan, but eco-friendly, vinyl-free and 100% made in the USA.

All of our materials are:

+ Vegan + eco-friendly
+ Manufactured in the USA
+ Made from a 100% nylon or polyester fiber matrix
+ Breathable and water resistant
+ Free of harmful chemicals, PVC, vinyl or plasticizers
+ Easy to clean with soap and water or an eco-friendly cleaner
+ Durable and able to withstand even the rowdiest of little ones

Read the whole story behind Faux Moccs at www.FauxMoccs.com.

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