Gabe Hobbs Media, LLC

535 Central Avenue, Suite 302, 33701 (View Map)

(813) 938-3870

Gabe Hobbs
The historic Alexander Building in the 500 block of Central Avenue is the home of Gabe Hobbs Media. Balcony overlooking Central Avenue from the Gabe Hobbs Media offices at the Alexander Building.
We are a locally owned and operated media advisory company. We work with all sorts of corporations both inside the media business and also businesses that aren't in the media but need help navigating various contact points with the media such as public relations, advertising, program development, talent acquisition and development, syndication, expert witness, talent management and more.

We develop programming & content for radio, television and the internet.

We consult a lot of companies on both a long term and project basis when it comes to all things audio, video, digital on radio, television, mobile and online.

Media/Online Media, Service Providers, Marketing & PR

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