Hello Creative

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We're a design studio with 15+ years experience. We provide 360 degree creative solutions for clients developing their ID system, website, brochures, flyers, online marketing campaigns, micro-content, packaging, environment designs and copy-writing. We work with individuals, small businesses, corporations, agencies, and other creative professionals to realize business expectations and achieve creative excellence. We deliver innovative and functional solutions customized to clients individually.

Discounts on creative services are available to eco/green, environmental and sustainable groups. Just send us an email to find out more.


We also have online ready-made design business for logos and general graphic design, those include:

Logo Haus
Premade logo design with exclusive and unlimited use licenses.

Graphic design templates in a variety of file formats. Right now we have business cards, stationery sets, social media kits and flyers. We will be adding more design over the next few months.

Artists & Craftsmen, Illustration & Design, Media/Online Media, Service Providers, Audio & Video Services, Marketing & PR, Web Design, Shopping, Online Retailers

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