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Through exceptional client communication and a team based approach, Jenkins Law alleviates the fear and uncertainty which exists following an accident, arrest, or loss, giving our clients security and protection. Our clients gain piece of mind amid the chaos.

Jenkins Law P.L. is a small, St. Petersburg law firm which specializes auto accidents, cycling accidents, criminal defense, DUI defense, and homeowner's insurance claims.

Personal Injury: If you’ve suffered an injury due to a car accident or cycling accident, Jenkins Law P.L. can help. Our law office understands what you are going through, and we are here to help you navigate the complicated legal maze. A car accident can result in egregious medical bills, lost wages, and considerable pain. Don’t go it alone in your quest to obtain compensation. Our personal injury attorneys can take on the claims and lawsuit processes so that you can focus on improving your health.

Criminal Defense: Facing any type of criminal charge can be frightening, overwhelming, and stressful. Although being arrested and charged for a criminal offense often feels like the end of the world, it does not have to be. With the support of a skilled and knowledgeable Tampa Bay area criminal defense attorney, you can better understand your charges and legal options. The attorneys at Jenkins Law P.L. will fight for your rights and best interest, which will help you improve your chances for achieving better results. At Jenkins Law P.L., we handle everything from minor criminal offenses, such as criminal traffic violations and violation of probation, to those of a more serious nature, including sex crimes and homicide.

Insurance Claims: If your home has sustained damage and the insurance company refuses to pay for the damage according to the terms of your homeowners insurance policy, Jenkins Law P.L. can help. All too often, the insurance companies delay paying their claims, deny legitimate claims, or under pay their claims. Insurance companies have experienced adjusters and attorneys working on their side to help the insurance company save as much money as possible.

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