Organic Beard Supply

Organic Beard Supply started when two bearded dudes, born and raised in St. Pete, Florida came together with a similar problem:

We couldn't find ORGANIC beard oil, much less a company striding to be earth-friendly.

I mean, we put beard oil on our beards... which is super close to our mouths. Who wouldn't want that to be organic?

So, we began researching. How do you make beard oil? Which carrier oils are best? What oil ratio do you use for the best affect? Where can we source organic ingredients? How long has our beard grown during all of this research?

Lucky for us, we had found answers to all of our questions. (Our beards grew about a quarter of an inch btw). And, lucky for you we decided to start making larger batches of oils and selling them to other bearded men who care about the quality of ingredients they are putting near their mouth.

We started with Spice - still our most popular scents - which is a refreshing mix of cinnamon, clove, orange, and eucalyptus. We could barely keep up with command. So, we created two more scents: Citrus and Camper. Both are gaining popularity.

We are continuing to source as much earth-friendly and sustainable ingredients and resources as possible. Our next steps are organic beard balm, organic beard wax, and sustainable packaging (for shipping).

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