A Scene + A Song - A Creative Workshop @ The MAR St. Pete

The MAR St. Pete
October 19, 2020 | 4:00 PM

No matter what life brings...the show must go on! The creative process never goes away. Life happens, we find solutions to move forward and repeat. Collaboration through problem-solving is what creates strong communities and long-lasting meaningful relationships.
A Scene and a Song uses theatre and music as a vessel to bring us together and learn simultaneously, all the while encouraging kindness, acceptance, and positivity.
The cost for this workshop is $20 per day. $100 total
We take an hour a day for a week to sit down, be creative, and write a scene and a song that we perform at the end of the week.
Oct 19 3pm-4pm :: Day 1: Meet and Greet/Brainstorm
Oct 20 3pm-4pm :: Day 2: Brainstorm/Write
Oct 21 3pm-4pm :: Day 3: Write
Oct 22 3pm-4pm :: Day 4: Write/Finalize
Oct 23 3pm-4pm :: Day 5: The Fun Part...Perform It!!
Class taught by Heather and Dave Hamar

2309 Central Ave

The MAR St. Pete

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