People, planning things-to-do is stressful. There are so many things-to-do and so many ways to find them that making a decision is paralyzing. Clatsch removes this stress, anxiety, and indecision by giving you pre-planned days, nights, and weekends. The best experiences are already planned for you, you just need to do them.

Businesses, technology helps make it harder to reach and retain customers. The many tools & sites make it hard to choose which ones to use. Clatsch makes it easy to reach & retain customer by making you focus on creating experiences while we focus on identifying new customers and recommending ways to hold onto customers.

|?| Why Does Clatsch Do This |?|

Clatsch exist to help people experience more of life. We strengthen customer relationships with local business using information about events and offers in 3 ways:

- Provide guidance, consultation, and relationship-nurturing capabilities to local businesses.
- Filter the best experiences a consumer can participate in with their friends, families, & neighbors.
- Magnify and market the best relationship-building experiences offered by local business.

|?| How Does Clatsch Work |?|

For Customers
- Clatsch provides an easy way to search, plan, and share experiences.

For Businesses
- Clatsch provides a way for business to collaborate with each other to create experiences for customers.
- Provide a feedback mechanism which informs businesses how to:
- Identify and understand their customers
- Build specific types experiences for their customers
- Target communications to customers about specific experiences


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