Sacred Space Recovery

May this Sacred Space provide a safe haven for women to find to create their own path to healing and growth. May it be a locus of transformational energy, where women are restored from the suffering of their drug and alcohol abuse, are inspired to find their purpose and passion, and are empowered to integrate back into society as leaders, creators, and healers. Where women are reunited with their authentic selves and their loved ones. Where women are guided and supported through the many obstacles presented in the transitional period of early recovery. Where women are connected with other women through the power of experience, inclusivity, and equality. May this Sacred Space teach the way of the Peaceful Spiritual Warrior, encouraging all who find refuge here to dream generations ahead but to face Recovery one day at a time, to think globally but to act locally, to be confident but remain humble, and to give of oneself but never be afraid to ask for help.


5020 14th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710


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