Sophie Ann's Jams & Things

Sophie Ann's Jams & Things is a cottage industry with 3 major product lines:
I make jams, jellies and marmalades, many with local or homegrown fruits. I have approximately 25 varieties of jam which I make in small batches in my home kitchen using traditional cooking and canning methods.

My second product line is Homegrown Catnip and Handmade Cat Toys. I have a hydroponic garden in my back yard with over 200 catnip plants. We pick and dehydrate on a regular basis and package it to sell in 1/2 oz. packages. I make Katnip Kritters and Catnip Mats, both refillable, and Nippers, a mini catnip toy that is not refillable.

The last quartet of items are:
Organic Eye Pillows, which come in 5 fragrances and can be ordered in unscented. They are sewn in crepe-backed satin and filled with organic flax seed and organic therapeutic herbs.

Lavender Sachets, made from a floral calico cotton and filled with organic lavender.

Purse Pouches are made from quilted fabric and are designed to be used for sunglasses, reading glasses, or cell phones.

Tissue Pouches - just like grandma used to carry in her purse.


3013 46th Ave S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33712


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