There is this uncertainty behind ceramics, and it drives a lot of my interest when experimenting with my work. I have learned to love and accept these uncertainties- the flaws and imperfections create the beauty in the work. They are natural.
I now use alternative atmospheric firings, mainly barrel/pit firings, to study and connect my work to the natural world. I want to create this connection and be able to feel and see the markings of the fire, earth, and clay within my work. Sometimes, I let raw clay express itself. Other times I like using organic materials to create the patterns, colors, and textures. I find a beauty within the imperfections and uniqueness that can result from letting the clay and materials speak for itself. I create mainly functional or decorational ware because I want to make that link between nature and everyday life. This practice draws inspiration from the philosophy of wabi-sabi, the firing techniques of ancient cultures, and the inherent bond that I feel humans and nature share.

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