ASTRA Aromatherapy

Hey there! I'm Cassie and I’m behind the brand “Astra”. It’s nice to meet you.

🌙 💫 ASTRA is a collection of hand blended Self Care Products, Spells & Potions, Sustainable items, Tarot, & curated Home Goods. 🔮

I’m an Aquarius and I legit enjoy long sits on the beach. That’s why we moved to St. Pete, FL

I started creating art, personal care items, and curating beautifully made home goods because I want to share the things I love with the world. I’m a hairstylist by trade but my real passion is opening your eyes & heart to the possibility of unconditional love through pretty self care products and new rituals for self healing.

My dream is to make this my full time job and sell in shops all over the world! Id also love to host workshops for healing and have my own brick & mortar but with all the recent current events, I am truly happy working most of my business online and networking that way...for now. (You can find my items at at CoLab Salon and also Neat Neat Neat in St. Pete, FL)

I have a 11 year old Pug, a 14 year old Cat, and a 7 month old Cockatiel. Andy is my partner in crime, art department, and husband. We like relaxing in our tropical paradise of a backyard and swinging on swings, making music & art, and playing Dr. Mario. 💊

Feel free to reach out if you want to chat or have any questions about my products.

Cassie Mrotek

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