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Our local businesses are struggling.💔They’re trying to tackle the biggest crisis they have ever faced. This isn’t a post-hurricane period that lasts a question of days, at most a week or two. When they risked it all to open their businesses, they knew they’d have to weather some storms, but they could have never foreseen this. They’re not just trying to put food on their own tables, they’re also employers. That responsibility to also put food on the tables of their employees is keeping them up at night. Read More

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For nearly a decade we’ve worked hard to Keep St. Pete Local. We’ve helped to make supporting our locally-owned, independent businesses an integral part of St. Pete’s identity.

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This is a sad post, as we say goodbye to several of our local businesses that have already closed their brick-and-mortar locations, or are about to close tomorrow/this week. 😢 There are a couple that will live on online, or in another guise (details about them below). Even though we're optimists, and a force for positivity, we're also realists. The reality is that more of our local businesses will be closing. 💔 We're about to head into summer, the toughest time of year for them (even without COVID-19). We understand that times are hard for everyone, but we ask that you please 👉 Think Local First 👈 whenever you spend any money you do have. 👊 We thank all of the following for all they've done to make our city even more amazing! 🙏 • ❤️ @makemestudio - They've closed their studio and will be pivoting to mobile & kit-based instruction. Learn more here: 🔗 www.makemestudio.com/ttfn 🔗 (Camp crates are 20% off if you order before Monday, June 1st) ❤️ @rootsofthesun - They've closed their tea house & apothecary shop, and have transitioned to online: 🔗 www.rootsofthesun.com 🔗 ❤️ @saltlightart - TOMORROW, May 28th, is the last day they'll be open on The @600blockstpetefl (20% OFF everything but jewelry + an additional 5% OFF if you wear your mask 😷). Some of Mary's jewelry will be available at neighbor, @misredoutfitters, and she may sell some online here: 🔗 www.saltlightartboutique.com 🔗 ❤️ @threadappeal - FRIDAY, May 29th is their last day - 50% OFF everything in the store before they close their doors for good. • Not pictured, but now also closed: @brewdlicious | @peace_of_yoga | @starfishfoodtruck (stopped operating on May 1st) . . . #WeWillMissYou #KeepStPeteLocal #KSPL #AllThingsLocalinStPeteFL #loyaltolocal #localbusinesses #supportlocalbusinesses #SupportLocalNOWMoreThanEver #OurLocalBusinessesNeedUs #StPeteStrong #locallove #iheartstpete #ilovestpete #ilovetheburg #loveyourcity #lovewhereyoulive #liveamplified #sunshineshere #sunshinecity #stpetersburgfl #stpetefl #stpetersburgflorida #dtsp #BurgBiz #SupportStPeteBiz #KeepStPeteLocalOnline #ShopStPete #ShopStPeteFL #ShopStPeteOnline #ShopLocalStPete
Exciting news! The @crislipcafe at The @merchantstpete will be COMING SOON to the historic Crislip Arcade in early June. 🙌 Initially, the cafe will begin as an espresso bar & coffee house ☕ (SWIPE ➡️ to see a couple of specialty drinks), with locally-made pastries & desserts 🍩🥧 + bagels from @bellasbakescakesandbagels, and will be serving wine and local craft beer 🍷🍺. In the fall, they'll expand their menu to include cheese & charcuterie. 🧀 The cafe is part of The Merchant's new and expanded location on The @600blockstpetefl. Tables, chairs, and benches will be spread throughout the beautiful Arcade, as well as outdoor seating in front. 🪑 • 👉👀 For those who are new to St. Pete, here's some city history ... the photo to the right of the cafe's logo is what the entrance to the Crislip Arcade used to look like before the Block was renovated. 🚧 The sign you can just make out is that of Dog Street, a beloved shop owned by the mother of @_roseywilliams_ , who went on to open her own shop on The 600 Block, before she started The @indieflea. Kudos to Leslie Curran (of @articlesstpete, @lesliecurrangallery & @truffulaeco), who was a City Council member back then. She convinced the building owner to provide low rents to artists, who were the first to move in. That was a pivotal moment in the creation of our local vibe. Whereas rising rents led to artists having to leave the Block, they helped shape, and they continue to shape the city we live in today. You'll find work by some of those artists at The Merchant. (📷 of The Merchant owners, Jennifer & Kevin by neighbor, @saltlightart, whose last day on the Block is May 28 😢). . . . #600block #600BlockStPete #CrislipArcade #localcoffeeshop #localcafe #newlocalbusiness #KeepStPeteLocal #KSPL #AllThingsLocalinStPeteFL #loyaltolocal #localbusinesses #supportlocalbusinesses #SupportLocalNOWMoreThanEver #OurLocalBusinessesNeedUs #StPeteStrong #locallove #iheartstpete #ilovestpete #ilovetheburg #loveyourcity #lovewhereyoulive #liveamplified #sunshineshere #sunshinecity #stpetersburgfl #stpetefl #stpetersburgflorida #dtsp #BurgBiz #SupportStPeteBiz
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