BadAss Baubles and Things

Badass Baubles and Things specializes in hand stamped jewelry. The Baubles are empowering with a wee bit of sass! Playing on the power of words for self expression and fashion. The necklaces are dainty and the word stamped on each bar is meant for the wearer. The self expression continues on the metal cuffs. With more room comes more sass. Declaration of BadAss, Warrior and Fuck are a few fan favorites! BadAss Baubles truly believes in making our planet a better place with the use of upcycled materials(I hit up other vendors for their scraps), recycled materials, and vintage materials not to mention all the good vibes! With the use of vintage leather, semiprecious gems, and metal trinkets the softer side of BadAss Baubles was born. Lovely Baubles and expressing themselves without the use of words. Also upcylcled home goods and accessories.

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