Blb spray tans and teeth whitening

Blb spray tans and teeth whitening is a local business in St. Petersburg, Florida. We relocated our business from Ohio a little over a year ago in Saint Pete and we absolutely love it here!
We offer plant-based and vegan products. Our spray tans will last you up to 10 or more days and are all brown based natural looking tans. Our teeth whitening formula is also plant-based you will whiten anywhere from 4 to 8 shades and one appointment with no sensitivity. Your results will last you up to six months or more. We also offer Skin care products which can be used if you are spray tanning or not. We recently collaborated with a local candle company to release our own candle line we cannot wait for you guys to smell it 🤗


11 dr mlk jr st s
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705


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