Curious Cat Bakery

The Curious Cat Bakery is a woman founded and run business in St. Petersburg, FL making the best desserts you’ve ever eaten — that just happen to be vegan.
Founder Natalia Lima started the Curious Cat Bakery out of necessity. After going vegan in 2011, she couldn’t find desserts she was truly excited about. Thinking that life was too short to eat dry and tasteless cake, she set out to develop her own recipes — which would harm no one while at the same time tasting absolutely delicious.

Everything on the menu is made to order and 100% free of dairy, eggs and animal products but you’d never know it from their taste. In fact, one of Natalia’s favorite things to do is watch the faces of people light up as she tells them that treat they are so excitedly devouring is vegan.


2353 51st Street N
St Petersburg, FL 33710

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