Earths blossom

I am a local artist who brings the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors. I harvest a variety of vines, shape and dry them. After 4-6 months of drying I sand and seal them. Next I adorn the vines with a variety of crystals, orchids, air plants, and vases. Every piece is one of a kind. I create functional vines and wall art. New inspirations continuously flow to create art with vines. I also create jewelry with the cross sections of one of the varieties of vines I use. These pieces express the simple elegance of nature. They transform a space.
This art is living interactive art. As soon as one steps into my booth their spirit is lifted.
I have some pieces in shops and galleries around town and I set up at art and plant shows.
My website is being worked on presently.


2708 56th st south
Saint Petersburg, FL 33707


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