Noisy Crane Tea

Noisy Crane Tea is a local tea room and culture house sharing space with In Between Days. KC Cavanaugh, a long time St. Pete resident, has brought her love of tea and tea service to The Burg. Noisy Crane specializes in farm direct teas from China, Taiwan, Japan and SE Asia. You get to experience teas served in region specific teaware like gong fu cha for Chinese teas and Kyusu or chawan for Japanese teas. What this offers is an exploration of the teas over multiple short steeps to see how the tea changes and develops. KC is also a certified clinical herbalist who graduated from our local herb school, Traditions School of Herbal Studies, so she has thoughtfully developed herbal blends that are functional and flavorful. The space is also coined as a “culture house” which is a space where we can share our passions, learn from each other and create community. Check out the many workshops and events happening weekly.

Noisy Crane has paired up with many other local makers and bakers to support our local economy and friends.

There are small treats available to pair with the teas as well as packaged teas to take home and brew. We’d love to meet you!


2340 1st Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL 33604

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