Spazzleapples Llc

Spazzleapples is where functionality and art meet.
I designed spazzleapples to be affordable functional art.
We want everyone to have access to fun reusable ceramic pieces.
We want every piece to put a smile on your face and be a part of your life.
How did I come up with the name spazzleapples? Well, it describes me. I am a spazz, shaped like an apple and the “s” on the end represents all the wonderful creations I make out of clay.
Functional artistic pottery is my passion and my husband helps keep this business running like a mermaid’s dream.
A portion of our profits are donated to other none profits and agencies paving it forward for others. You can find a list of local stores who I design for and carry my products on Instagram. You can also find me on Etsy and my website:)

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